30 January, 2018|3 Comments

The lunar eclipse on 31st January will occur in sidereal (astronomical) Cancer on the 13th lunar day around 12 am of Universal time. Ever since antiquity for the earliest astrologers of Babylon and India, the eclipses have been regarded as extremely dramatic phenomena that have had more impact on the state and the king than on individuals. This Lunar Eclipse is total, because the Moon [...]

Venus and what her symbolical birth on 8th February will bring us?

14 January, 2018|5 Comments

Venus is invisible now, because on 10th of December she disappeared heliacaly. This means that she died symbolically in the rays of the Sun, and will remain invisible until 7th of February when she will be born again as an Evening Star after sunset on the 8th February.     What is the meaning of the heliacal rise and disappearance of a planet and of [...]

The impact of the total solar eclipse on America, Trump and the rest of the world. Ancient astrology

21 June, 2017|0 Comments

A total solar eclipse will take place in the USA on 21st August 2017 with maximum eclipse point at 14.40hrs or 2.40pm for Washington.   The total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely darkens the disk of the Sun.   On that date, people across the USA will see the Sun disappear behind the Moon, turning daylight into twilight,┬ácausing the temperature to drop rapidly [...]

The Inauguration of Trump

18 January, 2017|0 Comments

This text is an extract from my 2017 prediction for America from January 1st 2017. Hereby I predict that Trump will have serious problems from opponents, including a dangour of coup d'etait, but he will have a successful inauguration. His presidential route I will analyse separately, but it won't be an easy one for sure.   This is the natal chart of Donald Trump the [...]