What is Ancient Astrology

21 May, 2017|0 Comments

The applications of astrology are many, but the most important ones are its power to describe people’s character, personality, provide understanding of person’s life and the reasons behind certain events, prognosticate others, describe, and interpret one’s fate.   For this purpose we use the methods and the elements of the ancient astrology that were practiced in Mesopotamia from 5,500 BC to 70 AD and which, [...]

How do the zodiacal signs evolve, and the people with them too? And how the cardinal, mutable and fixed signs are no longer the same? Ancient astrology

30 March, 2017|0 Comments

Since the time of Ptolemy around the 2nd AD, the modern astrology is "frozen" outdated in the tropical zodiac, created by him, when in his time, 2000 years ago, the vernal equinox was in the 0 degrees of Aries. I've already written here about how important is to take into consideration the fact that according to the precession and the changes of the equinoxes and [...]

Why the modern astrology doesn’t work? And why is your horoscope only half-true?

1 March, 2017|13 Comments

Astrology is the oldest science of humanity on which all religions are based. Here and here I explained that the true knowledge comes through the illumination of the first Hermes, King Enmeduranki, who was a saint in the town of Sippar before the Flood around 5500 BC. Astrology is an exact science that should not be based on intuition, but on accurate mathematical calculations and [...]

Stop with this retrograde Mercury, please!

3 February, 2017|4 Comments

It is very fashionable to talk about the retrograde Mercury. The rumors about him and about "the dangers" associated with him are spread by word of mouth from "astrologer" to "astrologer" as an urban legend! In fact, the least important is the backwardness/the retrograde movement of the harmless Mercury. It can never be compared with the backwardness of Saturn, for example. Why nobody talks about [...]