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BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for sunday 22nd october

21 October, 2017|Daily|

NEW MOON Tonight you will see the new thin Moon crescent and this is the NEW MOON phase. The beginning of the new lunar month. Those of you who like to record their wishes can do so today and tomorrow. The Moon continues to be with Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun in Libra. The Moon [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for saturday 21st october

20 October, 2017|Daily|

This evening, same as yesterday, three invisible planets have gathered in Libra. The Moon will pass through Libra's very strong artistic degrees. This complex configuration continues to be very mystical and occult, and certainly for some it will have important spiritual significance, for others it will bring a strong artistic stimulus and urge. You are [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for thursday 19th october

18 October, 2017|Daily, Uncategorized|

This evening the invisible Moon, Venus, and Mars are in Virgo. Virgo is a constellation that always gives depth, inclination to self observation, interest in science and learning. So we have to take advantage of this complex configuration of the invisible Moon. Let's contemplate, ponder, learn and give time for prayers. For the new beginnings [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for wednesday 18th october

17 October, 2017|Daily|

DAY OF INVISIBLE MOON Tonight we will not see the Moon in the evening sky. That will be three days. This Moon is suitable for spiritual practices, learning, meditation and reflection. Such a day is considered critical and it is not recommended to start anything new. It is not good to travel or to take [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for tuesday 17th october

16 October, 2017|Daily|

Also tonight the waning Moon will be in the Leo. It will pass through esoteric and astrological degrees that will bring inspiration to astrologers, to spiritual people, to those engaged in esoterics. The Moon is aiming at non-harmonious aspect with Saturn, and for this I recommend not to take risks on this day or start [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for sunday 15th october

14 October, 2017|Daily|

Tonight, the waning Moon will go through the last degrees of Cancer, where she is esoteric, mystical and very productive if you are engaged with spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer. The day will be good for the deeds, but not for new beginnings. It will also be appropriate for creative work and learning. [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for 14th october

13 October, 2017|Daily|

This lunar day begins with the Moon, which passes through the nebula of Cancer. This nebula is a very esoteric, intuitive and mysterious place, good for those who are spiritual and occult but can hide surprises and problems. Because of this, and because of the Moon's aspects, I recommend that on this day we do [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for friday 13th october

12 October, 2017|Daily|

    Tonight, the Moon, which will determine the fate of tomorrow, passes through a pure spiritual star in the Gemini. It will bring us good spiritual energies, appropriate conditions for spiritual practices and, hopefully, protection from the Spiritual World. The day will be a bit restless for the deeds and unsuitable for new beginnings. We [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECASE for thursday 12th october

11 October, 2017|Daily|

The waning Moon will go through a fixed star of learning and science and will probably create such an impulse in some - for successful learning. The Moon will be good for the deeds, but it will not be suitable for new beginnings. The day will not be suitable for travel. In love, at last, [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for wednesday 11th october

10 October, 2017|Daily|

This lunar day is important because the Moon is in the sacred degrees of the Taurus, which carry pure spiritual knowledge and environment suitable for spiritual practices. The sky is tense. A very heavy non-harmonious aspect is formed. That is why the day is not suitable for new beginnings. It will not be harmonious for [...]

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