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BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for saturday 9th december

8 December, 2017|Daily|

For Saturday, the waning Moon will pass through one of the purest royal stars - Regulus. There the Moon will bring us honesty, faith, courage, lofty feelings. The day will be good for the deeds, even successful, but it will not be good for new beginnings. The day will also be beneficial for spiritual practices [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for friday 8th december

7 December, 2017|Daily|

On Friday, the Moon continues to move into the sidereal Cancer. There she is "at home" and brings very good spiritual energies, increased sensitivity, strong intuition, empathy, love for home and family. The day will be suitable for spiritual practices, meditation, contemplation. It is not advisable to start anything new tomorrow, but you can successfully [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for thursday 7th december

6 December, 2017|Daily|

The Moon has already entered sidereal Cancer. There she is a the ruler and is very harmonious. She will pass through the fixed star Procion that brings a desire for learning and education. This is what the Moon will bring us in the coming three days - a desire for learning, a strong intuition, an [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for wednesday 6th december

5 December, 2017|Daily|

The Moon is now in sidereal Gemini and will pass through one of the brightest spiritual stars, Sirius. This will bring us just that - a desire for spiritual practices, awareness, perhaps exacerbating intuition. The day will be very fruitful for teaching and creativity. The Moon separates from a bad aspect but strives for a [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for tuesday 5th december

4 December, 2017|Daily|

The waning Moon has gone into Gemini and will make a conjunction with a powerful fixed star that denotes different esoteric interests, mysticism, and to some might bring willingness to indulge in various pleasures. This star is controversial. The Moon will not be appropriate for new beginnings, and there are also difficulties in the deeds [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for sunday 3rs december

2 December, 2017|Daily|

For tomorrow, the Moon passes through the Pleiades. They are a very controversial and complicated nebula that will be good for some, especially for those of us who deal with esoterics, occultism, have a strong intuition, and for others it might have more disharmonious influences. Therefore, tomorrow, Sunday it is good to do nothing new, [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for saturday 2nd december

1 December, 2017|Daily|

Just two more days to go and we will have Full Moon. Until then, for tomorrow, the Moon will pass through degrees in Aries that are not lucky. There will be no specific problems, but  successes also not. However, you will have motivation and energy to do your routine work. That's why it's nice not [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for friday 1st december

30 November, 2017|Daily|

For tomorrow, the Moon will go through a "node" in the Pisces, which is not lucky. It also separates itself from a tense aspect with Mars and goes to an aspect with Mercury. This will be harmonious for the studies, negotiations, creative activities, but not new beginnings. In business, you may also be successful. The [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for thursday 30th november

29 November, 2017|Daily|

Tomorrow the waxing Moon is aiming at Full Moon and will go through very strong degrees of Pisces. She will come together with Uranus and make a complex aspect with two evil planets. "What above, so below" and that's why we need to be careful. The sky will be tense. We should not take any [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for wednesday 29th november

28 November, 2017|Daily|

On this lunar day, the waxing Moon will be in Pisces and will pass through a spiritual star. The Pisces themselves and the star will give a desire to engage in spiritual activities, will be a reason for intensifying of the intuition. It is very appropriate this day to spend time for spiritual practices, meditation, [...]

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