16 September, 2018|Daily, Monthly, Video, Weekly|

This is my lunarium-analysis of the lunar month following the path of the Moon. On her path the Moon meets fixed stars and makes aspects with planets. This creates events for us on global and personal level. The lunar month starts with the appearance of the first lunar crescent after the Moon was "hidden" in [...]


15 August, 2018|Daily, Monthly, Video, Weekly|

LUNARIUM. LUNAR MONTH 12 AUGUST-12 SEPTEMBER. ANCIENT ASTROLOGY This is analysis of the coming lunar month made from the glimpse of the ancient Babylonian priest astrologer astronomer, following the path of the Moon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OClVjBE0L8&t=37s

Lunarium. Lunar month 15 june-14 july 2018. Ancient astrology

13 June, 2018|Daily, Monthly, Video|

Lunarium. Lunar month 15 june-14 july 2018. Ancient astrology   https://youtu.be/4ZZpMz9Vm7Q Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London krasiiii@yahoo.com for consultations click here www.ancientastrologythemagi.com www.theroyalartofastrology.com www.krasiancientastrology.com

Again on the wrong New Moon and when are the true New Moons for 2018?

15 January, 2018|Articles, Daily, Monthly, Weekly|

An year ago I wrote the article Watch the night sky! Why call the Black Moon a New Moon!? and I am glad that many people really discerned the truth from delusion and take more and more advantage of the true knowledge. In most lunar calendars on the web or on paper, some call the [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for monday 11th december

10 December, 2017|Daily|

Tonight the moon has no course. This is relevant to tomorrow. Such a Moon is not productive, does not bring success, is not suitable for new beginnings. It is best for us tomorrow to do our routine without taking risks and without starting anything new. It is not appropriate tomorrow to negotiate. We can travel. [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for sunday 10th december

9 December, 2017|Daily|

For tomorrow, the position of the waning Moon is such that it will bring people who deal with the sky and space a productive day in their pursuits. The day will be successful for the deeds, but not for the new beginnings. The day will not be very lucky financially. The trips are possible. Negotiations [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for saturday 9th december

8 December, 2017|Daily|

For Saturday, the waning Moon will pass through one of the purest royal stars - Regulus. There the Moon will bring us honesty, faith, courage, lofty feelings. The day will be good for the deeds, even successful, but it will not be good for new beginnings. The day will also be beneficial for spiritual practices [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for friday 8th december

7 December, 2017|Daily|

On Friday, the Moon continues to move into the sidereal Cancer. There she is "at home" and brings very good spiritual energies, increased sensitivity, strong intuition, empathy, love for home and family. The day will be suitable for spiritual practices, meditation, contemplation. It is not advisable to start anything new tomorrow, but you can successfully [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for thursday 7th december

6 December, 2017|Daily|

The Moon has already entered sidereal Cancer. There she is a the ruler and is very harmonious. She will pass through the fixed star Procion that brings a desire for learning and education. This is what the Moon will bring us in the coming three days - a desire for learning, a strong intuition, an [...]

BRIEF LUNAR FORECAST for wednesday 6th december

5 December, 2017|Daily|

The Moon is now in sidereal Gemini and will pass through one of the brightest spiritual stars, Sirius. This will bring us just that - a desire for spiritual practices, awareness, perhaps exacerbating intuition. The day will be very fruitful for teaching and creativity. The Moon separates from a bad aspect but strives for a [...]

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