An year ago I wrote the article Watch the night sky! Why call the Black Moon a New Moon!?

and I am glad that many people really discerned the truth from delusion and take more and more advantage of the true knowledge.

In most lunar calendars on the web or on paper, some call the New Moon phase the phase of the Moon during which she is invisible. I will briefly remind you :

The cycles of the Moon are particularly important, even the most important subject in astrology since ancient times.

The most significant cycles in ancient Mesopotamia were the New Moon and the Full Moon.

The appearance of the First Lunar Crescent was signifying the beginning of every lunar month. The condition of the sky on that moment would determine how the entire month will look like.

New Moon is the Moon phase, which is marked by the New Visible Moon, and this is the new very thin lunar crescent that rises after the Moon was three days invisible due to her conjunction with the Sun.

This conjunction is very important and happens usually the last three days of the lunar month. That is when the Moon is approaching the Sun and when the distance between them becomes around 15 degrees or less she becomes invisible or “burned” from the rays of the Sun. This lunar phase of a black or invisible Moon lasts usually three days.

The wrong understanding on the modern astrology is that New Moon is the last day from the three days invisibility of the Moon.


Watch the sky with naked eye!

Notice how important is the astronomical appearance of the Moon. Her physical appearance is visible for all with simple unarmed eye. This new appearance marks the New Moon. Actually, everyone being astrologer or not can observe this.

We cannot call New Moon a phase, during which the Moon is not there! That is an error. This mistake could be the reason for wrong astrological forecasts, because every single lunar day has a different meaning and significance.

In short the difference in the meanings on the lunar phases, while the Moon is invisible and when she appears on the evening sky as a First Lunar Crescent (NEW MOON) I actually explained here, but will briefly summarize now:

   1. The first day of invisibility of the Moon is when she aims at perfect conjunction with the Sun. This phase is the next after Last Crescent and is not favorable in the horoscope. She often denotes problems with the mother, could also be a reason for lack of mother. Very often, the native does not create a family at all and has no children. This phase brings wisdom and interests in occultism and other secret sciences.

   2. The second day of invisibility of the Moon is when she is already in conjunction with the Sun. This phase is particularly severe and often causes serious karmic lessons like lack of mother, marriage, children, or early loss of mother, poor health of the native, and others depending on the zodiacal state of the invisible Moon in the horoscope.

   3. On the third day of invisibility, or during the day that modern astrologers mistakenly call New Moon, the Moon has already “freed” herself from the conjunction with the Sun and has taken the path to the First Crescent or the true NEW MOON. This phase is more favorable than the previous two, but it also often hides the risks for an early loss of the mother or emotional lack of mother, severe emotional relationship with mother, problems with marriage, children … And certainly, in order to judge what the particular Moon phase will denote to the horoscope, it is important to analyze how the Moon is placed in the natal chart.

   4. After these three days of lunar invisibility, the Moon will show up as a First Crescent. The true NEW MOON will come. This crescent is visible in the sky very clearly after sunset. For a diurnal nativity (day birth) this lunar phase is great. If the Moon is not afflicted and in a good zodiacal state, this phase in the natal chart is very promising, it brings success and potentials for development and growth, rank and elevation of the born. Even as a transit, this Moon phase is very fruitful for the deeds, if it is not afflicted and poorly placed, of course.

You see how important is to distinguish and understand the correct lunar phases and how important is to question everything we read on the web, because real knowledge is not as easily accessible as the disinformation is.

This the list of true New Moons for the year 2018. Note that this data can vary for the different geographical coordinates. This list is for the US:

wrong new moon true new moon
date date
17.01.2018 18.01.2018
15.02.2018 16.02.2018
17.03.2018 18.03.2018
16.04.2018 17.04.2018
15.05.2018 16.05.2018
13.06.2018 15.06.2018
13.07.2018 14.07.2018
11.08.2018 12.08.2018
09.09.2018 10.09.2018
09.10.2018 10.10.2018
07.11.2018 08.11.2018
07.12.2018 08.12.2018

The invisible Moon is very magical and good for spiritual work, awareness and learning. For these she is really graceful. Probably in the natal chart or as a transit, she will bring an intensification of the intuition, to some people even clairvoyance. The legend of ancient Mesopotamia is that when the lunar God Nanna or Sin is invisible, He has descended into the Underworld to deal with our destinies. Perhaps, from there, the invisible Moon will collect information if you have clairvoyant capabilities.

In the times of antiquity on such a day, people have not undertaken anything new. They meditated, prayed or celebrated the Moon phase.

I will finish with the usual sentence: watch the sky. Everything is written there!

Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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