This report is made using the sidereal Babylonian zodiac, as used 5500 years BC in ancient Mesopotamia, depicting the real astronomical situation on the sky, and not the tropical zodiac that is used by almost all contemporary astrologers and does not show the astrological reality.


Analysis of a Birth Chart


Rectified birth chart 3.11.19??, 7.43,52

Your rising sign is Scorpio the 10°. In this particular degree the fixed star Alnilam is raising from the constellation Orion, to give you spirituality, interests towards esoteric studies, occultism, psychology, and astrology. This gives good luck, children, blessing, and good finances.

You might get so deeply attached to the esoteric and occult studies, that you may get disconnected from the reality.

This describes you as a person expert in every activity you are undertaking and you are capable of staying in control of your emotions even during difficult times. You are intelligent, a bit prideful, fastidious and probably judgmental at times, very flexible. You are capable of ruling the others and will be exhibiting competitive spirit in some situations. You might be short tempered at times.

Your behaviour is refined. There is a desire of glory and honour. You can be very independent and you reach success and financial benefits through your own efforts.

You are very emphatic.

A very artistic star is just 2° from your Sun to give you blessing and to make you decent. You have achieved certain rank in what you are doing. You might like different arts or you are artistic yourself with many artistic talents.

You have very good oratory, language and writing skills. Your mind is very analytical and introvert. You are very original in handling any work or life issues.

You are stable and keep your word. You are very energetic and are capable of motivating yourself. There is a hint of ego in your personality. You are brave.


Primary Motivation and Profession:

(In which area of life the native seeks realization)

Your profound oratory, language and writing skills and diplomatic capabilities shown via a specific degree in Scorpio, where your conjunction of the invisble Mercury and Venus is, is indicating interest in careers that include performing, sharing knowledge, but also, due to the position of Jupiter and Pisces and the Moon in the 6th house of work, is an indication, that your work involves compassion, psychological knowledge and taking care of the others.

You are working hard, with precision and you are self assertive to grow in your career.

Zubenashameli conjoined Uranus makes you original and knowledgeable.

You have artistic talents, but this is not your primary motivation.

You might have some hidden enemies, motivated by jealousy and envy. You are able to overpower them.

The profession will be a refection of the above-mentioned oratory, psychological, writing and language skills. The desire to perform and the psychological understanding could also be manifested in the knowledge-based work.



The rising sign and Alnilam, the position of Jupiter are indication that you do have astrological skills and desire to study astrology. This must have been activated to a stronger degree around or a bit before april 2017th.

The Uranus position is a sign that you have interests and understanding of astrology.

I see you as a capable astrologer with understanding of the human soul and with constant desire to learn. This could also be your primary motivation and profession. It will for certain influence and accompany your life in a future.



The position of the luminaries and Uranus is to show that you used to work in harmony with the angelic world in your past incarnations.

Once again the fixed star Alnilam is to describe intuitive and esoteric person very much interested in the secret knowledge.

Betelgeuse from Orion on your western horizon is additionally pointing towards spiritual awareness.

The Pleades are on the horizon to add magic and mysticism to your interests.



Aldebaran is the fixed star on the western horizon to provide you with good finances all life. The 7th house is of the partners and the contractual relations. So, your Aldebaran will work mainly this way, through the right partnerships. Could be that from 2013 summer until 2017 November Aldebaran was not that generous as the star was afflicted by Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn create a powerful aspect that denote good financial reality that will be enhanced end 2019, beginning of 2020 when this aspect will be repeated in the sky.


Relationships and marriage:

Venus is an Evening Star and invisible. This creates difficulties in finding the soul mate. Most probably in every relationship you will feel not satisfied enough. This Venus brings lessons to the native usually related to partnerships with the opposite sex. She will bring you good incomes, many talents, wisdom,but in love she will teach you lessons.

Your 7th house is ruled by Venus, and her invisibility will cause a divorce or separation.

At an age of 13 until 20 Venus rose on the western horizon and this must have been a very nice period deep personal love.

The Lot of Marriage falls in the 30° of Leo and is conjoined with Saturn. These are martian degrees of Leo and they can indicate some marriage issues. Jupiter is aiming at conjunction with Saturn. So, this can give a good hope for future better relationships.



Scorpio rising is a very fruitful sign and usually gives more than one child. This is a factology we know about, so no need to investigate further.

Jupiter as the main significator of the children is well positioned and will not create any dramatic problems with children.



There is evidence of some karmic issues with parents especially with the father figure.



Note: the health analysis only indicates some potential weaknesses of the body before their actual appearance. It does not mean that the person is ill. It is a very useful tool for us to take some measures in the right direction in order to maintain a good health.

In general there are all signs of good health condition. Good life and health at an elderly age are also a fact.

I see indications of possible issues with the central nervous system and disharmonies of the stomach on emotional bases. You might also need to be careful with your female organs, just by an annual check up. Take care of the heart at a very late elderly age.

All disharmonies of the body and the appearances of the diseases are a result of our emotional life and the perception of the world and the reality that are surrounding us. Therefore, a good control over the emotions and not allowing any anger, angst, or other disharmonious feelings, will keep us in a good health status.


  1. Predictions

Solar Revolution and Profections- November 2017 until November 2018

This is the solar revolution from your birthday in November 2017 until your next birthday in November 2018.



This solar revolution is valid if you will live and if your birthday will take place in Moscow.

The profected ascendent, which will be ruling your solar year is Agarius. He is ruled by Uranus.

The Lord of the terms is Jupiter. When Jupiter is ruling, this is good for the plans, will create opportunities to achieve your goals, good health condition, and heavenly protection.

The solar chart is having as ascendent the 12th house of the natal chart. This will describe an year of karmic difficulties, love relationship that is not visible to the public, and some health risks. This is in case that you spend your birthday in Moskow.

Uranus is conjoined the Moon in the 7th house, to describe a change in the partnership, that might be sudden and a bit disharmonious. This could be a result of your own decision. This could also bring changes in existing contractual relations and bring new ones.

Jupiter is invisible and on the ascendent. You will have blessing and protection from above in what you do, but your efforts this year might remain not very visible yet. They, however will matter and will give result in a future.

There is a period, which will be important for your professional work and personal love relationship. If you stay in Moscow for your birthday, due to the position of Mars and Venus in the 12th house you will have the desire to connect with your boyfriend and with the time you might experience estrangement. To emphasize- the dominant of the year is your work, learning, professional development. This is supported by the Lord of the year.



This is your solar chart for the same period, but for the location of the Netherlands.

The profected ascendent, which will be ruling your solar year is Aquarius. He is ruled by Uranus.

This chart shows very different possibilities and will draw other chain of events from the Moscow chart.

The ruler of the year Uranus is in the 8th house conjoint with the Moon and will bring some spiritual and esoteric experiences and new perception of spirituality. This configuration does not necessarily mean marriage, commitment or other change in the family situation.

The rising sign is Virgo and is the 11th in your natal chart. The conjunction of Mars and Venus is taking place there. The energies of such conjunction are such that they may indicate physical love, but the Moon in the 8th house does not give marriage or equal by meaning commitment. Uranus’s exact opposition to Venus is a sign that there are possible very sudden changes in the love life and that the love relationship will not be usual and certainly not very smooth.

The dominance of the year will be the money making and some issues with money, possible financial concerns. However, you will not be without finances. Just that the expected earnings could be delayed.

The chart of Utrecht is indicating possible new acquaintances and new social circle abroad. There is lack of any evidence of marriage or sustained new relationship during this solar year.

I do advise you to spend your birthday in Utrecht and use your good intuition when making decision concerning your future with your boyfriend.

The horoscope of Utrecht is much more favorable for you.


Important periods:

The whole period from march, april 2018 for up to 7 years until Uranus is transiting over your 6th house of the work activities and the subordinates, you will have reorganisation at your work place or change of works, some of these might be sudden and unexpected.

Uranus always brings the change over the astrological house he is visiting, and you need to be very cautious, spiritual, connected with the Cosmos, and using and training your intuition during this period in order to have the finest and the softest of his influences.

The first half of october 2017 is powerful in terms of spiritual and esoteric interests. The primary directions around that time could also give events related to this. This directions could also manifest in some events in the work place.

This period could also bring some extra costs or expenses.

From september 2017 until september 2018, Jupiter is on your 12th house conjoined with your Sun to provide you with good health and protection.

End of 2017 will be good for your finances.

The beginning of 2018 will be very special for your spiritual life and experience. Will also bring you pleasing personal emotions.

Around the spring of 2018 you may have a period of tension in your personal life.

From september 2018 until september 2019, Jupiter will stay on your ascendent. This is always an year of protection from Jupiter, good luck and good health.

The first half of november 2017 will bring very intense personal emotions and feelings, deep and profound. This will appear repetitively until january 2018. Due to the existence of Neptune in this configuration, I advise some cautiousness and consulting the intuition. Always consult your intuition. You have very powerful intuition. Just do not suppress it with emotions.

End of 2017 the Moon will change term and this is an indication that you might change address, travel or move.

From january 2018 until the summer of 2018, you will have a very beneficial period for your work, plans, projects. You will be studying and involving creativity.

June 2018 especially is a period that will bring you intrinsic motivation towards studying or any creative work.

In august 2018 you will have ambitious period for reaching your goals.

From the autumn and towards the end of 2018, you might have some disagreements or issues with hidden and mean enemies.

From the autumn until the winter of 2018, you will be in a period of some disappointment due to a bit too high expectations.

Overall the period will give you good health.

The new year 2019 will start good for your incomes and home. Later the year could bring you some concerns with your love life and partnership. Especially in the spring- summer you might experience disappointment.

On your age of 40 you will have achievement in your career or in your plans as a result of your ambitions and also related to your capabilities.

When you reach 42 you will have success and financial achievements.

At an age of 45 Venus will give you blessing, some good and very beneficial time for your soul.

At the age of 45 will be on the most powerful period in terms of work and career.

You have made a good choice to spend your birthday in Holland. This very much will change your destiny. However, there you will also receive some lessons. So, use your intuition to make the right decisions.




Recommendation of astrological gem stones

In your natal chart Venus is ruling your 7th house of the relationships and marriage and is invisible. This Venus is very wise and vibrates in the most beautiful and highest spiritual frequencies, but she brings also lessons related to the love life of the person.

For supporting the invisible Venus in your horoscope and strengthening her presence, I recommend the use of rose quarz to be incorporated in a golden jewelry. The rose quartz is not expensive and is easy to be found in Europe. Even better, but more costly will be to wear padparadja sapphire also in gold. Both stones need not to be heated, treated with chemicals, should not be dyed, should not have inclusions, may only be polished. Padparadja is very powerful, as this gem stone caries the influences of both- Jupiter and Venus.

The stones by no means should be treated with the above-mentioned means, as such stones are dead, with no aura, and are lacking the healing and magical properties that they have since the creation of our planet.

In Europe unfortunately all gem stones are treated for market purposes, thus useless. Feel free to contact me should you decide to use precious natural gem stone for supporting Venus in the horoscope.

Should you opt for one or the other, there is a ritual that need to be performed with a herb on particular heavenly configuration in order to increase the effect of the stones.

For enhancing the Pleades and the intuition and magical powers they denote, I suggest that you have always at your disposal the most simple transparent mountain crystal.


Astrology is not to read one’s chart and give judgment. It is about knowledge and information that will give us the freedom to make use of it in the best possible and beneficial for ourselves way.

Our free will is in how we perceive the lessons and the events that come into our lives. We cannot change the destiny, but we can certainly change the events with prayer in a converstaion with God. The information is given to us exatly for this reason, to use it and make decisions which path to take. This is also destined- to receive information, be warned, or not. When we are informed in one or another way, we will have the freedom to choose certain path.

Astrology is the most ancient science. This is the first science of mankind that came as the enlightenment of King Enme Duranki or First Hermes around 5500 BC. All religions are based on astrology.

The role of astrology is only to help and warn us. We, with our thoughts and feelings, create the reality we live in. We carry a divine particle within us, and we have the power to create together with the Creator in one and in harmony.

Let my horoscope serve you exactly as an indication and direction, and the rest you will create in one with God!


October 2017

Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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