At present, Jupiter is in a stationary phase, meaning that from our earthly position he seems motionless. This is because from retrograde- backward, soon he will turn direct or “will go ahead”.


What will that change?


Jupiter is a benefic planet. A planet that, besides whatever you hear from the modern astrology, he will never hurt you. Jupiter bears the children. Jupiter is a reason for the spiritual and moral uplift, knowledge, goodness, and high moral values. Jupiter accompanies us when we leave this world. The ancient saying is that, there is no dying without Jupiter.

He was Marduk in Mesopotamia, the father of Naboo – Mercury, and was the supreme God. He was called the King of the Gods, the Heart of Wisdom. He has saved the world from chaos and to this day is a symbolic ruler of the Earth and still decides the destinies of the people. Since the ancient Babylonian times, he has been the God of mercy, wisdom, greatness, blessing, grace, peace, prosperity, understanding, abundance, justice, healing, and magic. He was a symbol of many Assyrian kings, and the “High Temple” in Babylon was the temple of Marduk-Jupiter. Marduk is the greatest and most important God of Heaven – Anunna. Anunna is the sky and 600 Gods of Heaven and the underground kingdom, over which Marduk has power. He was the most important God in the Kasite period of ancient Mesopotamia.

Every manifestation of Jupiter and other planets in terms of heliacal phases, give events here in our reality on Earth. When Jupiter hides in the rays of the Sun, he will give one sort of events; when he becomes stationary – other sorts of events; when retrograde, ie. moves backwards from our perspective – third; and when direct, ie. straight – fourth types of events.

“The greatest God, the governor who, when he rises, gives a sign …” the ancients used to say.

At the moment astronomically, according to the Sidereal Zodiac, he is in Libra (Tropical Scorpio) and is stationary, in his second station. After that, on July 16th, he will become mobile and direct – he will move forward.


Retrograde Jupiter


The retrograde Jupiter is again not malefic, but good- benefic, giving too many changes and shifts to destiny, hatching and shifty luck.


Stationary Jupiter


When stationary, he will not give noble blessings, prosperity, and luck. He will not hurt too. He will not change the status of the person. Life will not have turbulences, but will be the same, and perhaps boring.


Invisible Jupiter


When Jupiter is invisible (combust), he is hidden in the rays of the Sun, but this will be the subject of another article.

Just a general comment on the invisibility of the planet – when Jupiter is invisible and in contact with the Sun, he goes “to visit his father”. Jupiter is good and calm there. The Sun always gives the pure and the highest sparkling energies. Symbolically, He- the Sun is the Father of the Planets from the Solar System. Then how can a planet feel bad with her father? Every planet is worshiping the Sun because it loves its creator, because in the material world the Sun is the divine beginning.


What will Jupiter bring us when it becomes direct in Libra-19th degree?

(tropical Scorpio)


Libra is a male, diurnal, air sign and there Jupiter, being masculine and diurnal as well, feels good. Jupiter will become direct there where the constellation “the Crown” rises, and close to the fixed star Gemma, which is related to success, artistry, talents. This is exactly what the direct Jupiter will bring to the natives who have ascendant Libra- (astronomical, sidereal), Sun Libra, Meridian Libra, Moon Libra. To these people Jupiter will bring gifts. The nature of these gifts depends on how exactly Libra and Jupiter are placed in the personal horoscopes.

I have described what Jupiter will bring us as soon as he becomes direct on 16th of July 2018. He will only bring good. Whether he will bring children, money, abundance, wealth, knowledge…, depends on our individual horoscopes and also how Jupiter is placed there.

For the world Jupiter will only bring blessing. This will be reinforced by the harmonious aspects that he will receive from Venus. He will bring a temporary good in the financial field, good weather and fertility as well. Let us not forget, however, that at that moment other aspects of the sky will not be very favorable. Maybe Marduk will manage to soften them and bring us blessing.

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Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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