Untitled A famous astrologer says: “If modern astrologers only watched the sky, they would know everything!”

The cycles of the Moon are particularly important, even the most important subject in astrology since ancient times.

The most significant cycles in ancient Mesopotamia were New Moon and Full Moon.

The appearance of the first lunar crescent was signifying the beginning of every month. The condition of the sky on that moment would determine how the entire month will look like.

“The moon took a good course: the beginning of the month is good.” They used to say. LAS 44: 11-14

The Moon passes about 12 degrees a day and we know that when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition, ie 180 degrees from each other, we talk about the Full Moon. When the two lunaries conjoin how do we call this?

True definition of a New Moon


The Moon stands in opposition (opposite) to the Sun and after this powerful aspect she starts decreasing or waning for about two weeks, up until she reaches the Sun in conjunction (come together very close).

This conjunction is very important. That is when the Moon is close to the Sun and the distance between them is about 15 degrees and then she becomes invisible. This lunar phase lasts about three days during which the Moon is invisible or called a Black Moon.

The first appearance of the Moon after the invisible phase, the New Moon used to mark and still marks the beginning of the new month. In Mesopotamia the Moon “ended the month bringing it into harmony with its mystical number 30. The Moon completed her 30th day.” When she would appear on the 29th instead on the 30th day of the month was said that she “refuses the 30th day” . There were two possible extensions of the month: 30 or 29 days according to the appearance of the Moon. In fact, due to the appearance of the Moon after sunset, 29th was as a border of the 30th day and it marked the beginning of the month. They used to believe that such an appearance is bad and will lead to the destruction of Akkad. The appearance of the Moon on the “1st day of the month meant good luck for Akkad, the Earth will be happy and will have good news.”

Now we look at the month in a different way, but the basic rule for the visibility of the Moon and New Moon has not changed.

In the personal chart

Imagine what a difference in the personal horoscope can the phase of the Moon bring. The meaning of the invisible Moon is the following: the person will have difficult life, probably his mother will be absent or will dye early. He could also decide not to get married and create family. These are only some of the possible meanings of the black Moon. When the Moon is visible and in a phase of First Crescent, which we can easily confuse with the Invisible Moon, the person will be very lucky, will have achievements early in his life, will have children, will get married…

See how important is not to confuse the phases of the Moon?!

The solution is so simple-watch the sky with a naked eye!

Note how important the astronomical appearance of the Moon is. Her physical appearance on the sky is visible for all of us to a naked eye. This new appearance marks the New Moon. In fact, every person, no matter whether an astrologer or astronomer who looks at the sky, should know this.

How can the invisible phase of the Moon be called a New Moon? This is wrong. This error leads to wrong astrological predictions and horoscopes misinterpretations.


Imagine what a huge difference in a horoscope can give the invisible Black Moon and the New Moon! When the Moon is invisible the native can loose very early his mother or wife, or not marry at all. With a New Moon in a natal chart, not only that nothing from the above will happen, but the native might have good luck. These are differences of hell and paradise. So, how could you make a correct and realistic analysis or prognose when you call the Black Moon a New Moon?!

As I said above, three days of the month the Moon is not visible to the naked eye. As soon as she appears visible after sunset, the New Moon comes.


The first visible to us Moon Crescent is called a New Moon.
Here are the specific figures for 2017. Use them.
Note: they can vary from country to country

Wrong data for New Moon True New Moon Black Moon days
January 28.01 29 26,27,28
February 26.01 28 25,26,27
March 28.03 29 25,26,27,28
April 26.04 27 24,25,26
May 25.05 28 24,25,26,27
June 24.06 26 23,24,25
July 23.07 26 23,24,25
August 21.08 23 20,21,22
September 20.09 21 19,20
October 19.10 21 18,19,20
November 18.11 19 17,18
December 18.12 19 17,18


Meaning of the Black Moon in astrology

Above I explained that the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon makes the Moon invisible to us for about three days. This aspect in the natal chart of someone or in an election chart, i.e choosing the appropriate date and time for starting an important work or event, is very negative. Particularly negative is the second day of the three days invisibility of the Moon.

If I need to evaluate the three days invisibility in negativity, I would say that the first day is 2 units negative when the Moon approaches the Sun. The second day of their exact conjunction is extremely negative, with 3 units negativity. On the third day the Moon is already out of the shadow of the Sun and therefore, I would give the aspect 1 unit of negativity.

The importance of such a Moon in the horoscope is serious. Should not be analyzed separately from the other significators, aspects and details in the chart, of course, but the Moon is a significator of the mother, the wife, the soul, the body, even the children of the native. That is why we need to be very careful when watching the Moon phases in the horoscope.

Watch the sky!

Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London



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