imagesccccIt is very fashionable to talk about the retrograde Mercury. The rumors about him and about “the dangers” associated with him are spread by word of mouth from “astrologer” to “astrologer” as an urban legend!

In fact, the least important is the backwardness/the retrograde movement of the harmless Mercury. It can never be compared with the backwardness of Saturn, for example. Why nobody talks about it? Because knowledge is power, and the system does not want knowledgeable and alert individuals, it wants deluded biorobots.


Intentionally, the knowledge not about the retrograde movement of the planets, but about their invisibility or other heliacal phases is hidden, erased. The invisibility of one planet, including that of Mercury is much more serious condition.


Mercury is the planet that is closest to the sun too often and being there is “burned” by the rays of the sun and this way becomes invisible. Since he represents the human mind, creativity and intellect, isn’t it worrisome that about 85 percent of the people have in their horoscopes invisible Mercury and only about 15 percent have it visible? What does that mean? Mercury (mind) is invisible, missing. Missing are also the bright intelligence and creativity in about 85 percent of people. Isn’t this much more serious than to focus on the retrograde Mercury, which can lead to momentary confusion in making decisions or purchases, but not lead to deep stupidity, what the invisible can denote in some cases? Think about it.


Heliacal phases of the planets, including all stages and conditions of the planets are extremely important for making a good analysis of the natal chart. This, however, is erased from the memory of the modern “astrology”.


Now I will write some details about the retrograde movements of the planets.


Retrograde movements of the planets

From our perspective, the planets rotate backwards after being in a stationary position (still visible). This means they are retrograde. The retrograde movement of each planet could lead to major changes both personally and globally, changing the whole event as a result of changed feelings and thoughts. Each planet has its own cycle of being retrograde, stationarity and direct. This is apart from the heliacal phases of planets and stars.


Luminaries Sun and Moon do not go retrograde.


By analyzing the backwardness of the planets and their heliacal phases, it is important to take into account whether the birth takes place during the day or at night!










Most astrologers talk about his retrograde movement, as I wrote above. It takes 88 days to make a complete tour around the sun and it takes between several hours and several days depending on the seasons. It becomes retrograde three times a year for about three weeks each time. The planet is the most often retrograde compared to the other planets, but for the shortest time.


Because Mercury is responsible for the mind and communication, actually during his retrograde phase the communication between people may suffer to some degree. If in your natal chart Mercury is retrograde, probably it is difficult to express yourself or your are being some times misunderstood. Of course, should be taken into consideration on which term Mercury is emphasizing.









Venus orbits the sun for 225 days and remains stationary for 3 or 4 days. Every 18 months roughly she becomes retrograde for about six weeks.


The retrograde movement of Venus, which is responsible for our feelings, is likely to affect the feelings to some extend by suppresing them or to limit some financial benefits depending, of course on where exactly the planet is placed on the natal chart, and in which term.


In the natal chart, Venus, which gives grace of romantic feelings and gives the money can give them sparingly and at certain times. She, however is a benefic planet in nature and will not harm.










Mars orbits the sun for 687 days and depending on the seasons is stationary for about five days. His retrograde periods are every two years and he remains retrograde for 2, 2.5 months.


Mars is malefic and aggressive and his retrograde movement could bring any problems from passive aggression to diseases depending on how he is placed and in which term.


In the natal chart such Mars can be problematic and expressing difficulty by manifesting stubbornness, and internal covert aggression or diseases. Again it depends on how and what is his place and in which term he is focusing.










Jupiter completes one cycle around the Sun for 12 years. Then stops moving and becomes stationary for 5-8 days. Once a year for about four months he is retrograde.


Jupiter is also a benefic planet such as Venus and always good! There is no situation where he can cause us sufferring. He could, however, does not help if invisible or helps moderately and in stages, if retrograde or stationary. It is very important to know in which term he is placed in the chart. Jupiter is the significator of human morals, virtues, children. His retrograde motion could denote us with his virtues with moderation. This applies particularly to the natal chart and hts location.










Saturn orbits around the sun for about 30 years and once a year is retrograde for about 4.5 months. Changes of directness towards backwardness is expressed in stagnation or stationarity on the planet for about 11-12 days and then he


He is a malefic planet and his retrograde, stationary motion or invisibility could bring us difficulties of different character. He is the lord of time, so his role is to establish limitations, and only in rare cases he gives, and still not very generously. Of course it is very crucial to know if the birth happened at night or during the day. Saturn can cause diseases, death, problems with authorities, loss of money, and these qualities of him increase when he is retrograde.

Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London and a student of Rumen Kolev

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  • Images of planets are from the manuscript of Michail Scotus 11th century