This text is an extract from my 2017 prediction for America from January 1st 2017.

Hereby I predict that Trump will have serious problems from opponents, including a dangour of coup d’etait, but he will have a successful inauguration.

His presidential route I will analyse separately, but it won’t be an easy one for sure.


This is the natal chart of Donald Trump the presedent- elect of USA who will come into power on 20th of January 2017



To make prognosis for one country, you need to look at the natal chart of the king or the president.

Notice a very important fact! Donald Trump has Leo rising, same as the horoscope of the mini era of Aries. The horoscope of the 1st Nisan has also Leo rising.

This means that Trump will play a very significant role for his country and maybe for the world.



Regardless of the organised resistance of some forces, on 20th January 2017 at 17hrs local time Trump will become the 45th president of the states. Their actions will not thwart him from taking office as president, but will endanger his safety and rank.

The second half of January will be a very difficult for him, because only 15 days before the ceremony Saturn will make an exact opposition to a degree to the natal Sun of Trump. I hope that the harmonious aspect of Jupiter and the opposition of Venus to the ascendent will save him from very serious problems.

2017 is a mini epoch ruled by Mars. Trump has Mars in the ascendent and I expect that this will be of some help for him to have the strenghts and character to resist the oposing forces that will accompany him during his entire presidency.

Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA

Certified astrologer from the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

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