Theresa May becomes PM


London 13.07.2016 17:30 local time

Babylonian zodiac

This report is made using the sidereal Babylonian zodiac, as used 5000 years BC in ancient Mesopotamia, depicting the real situation on the sky, and not the tropical zodiac that is used by almost all contemporary astrologers and does not show the astrological reality.

Today Theresa May became a Prime Minister of the UK at 17:30hrs local time.

The rising sign of the time chart is Scorpio with Jupiter as a rising term.

Saturn retrograde is in the rising sign in perfect conjunction with one of the fixed king star Antares. The whole configuration is very negative and shows the obstacles she will face and the problems that she will inherit from the past. Mars is ruling the rising sign and being in the 12th house in the same sign with the Moon is an indication that the people will suffer a lot from the election and actions of the new Prime Minister. In addition, the Moon even though waxing in the 12th house is to say that the PM will not achieve any popularity among the people and the nation.

Mercury and Venus are invisible and in the 9th house to show that a foreign hand will moderate the actions of the PM in terms of money, communication and censorship. Pluto retrograde in the house of money and also ruling the rising sign is there to indicate the dependency of the PM on money from secret sources that will be very problematic during the whole time of her career.

The Sun from the 8th house is to describe the difficulties she will face in growing and reaching tops in her career, but also indicate the secret hand that will run her and rule in her face instead of her.

Bankers stand for Jupiter in Leo in the 10th house and will be the ones in charge of the country. The opposition of Neptune also retrograde in the 4th house of the motherland, the nation and the people means that nothing is like it seams. The people, the nation will be desinformed and misused during the time of her rulership. In the meantime, the PM will receive support and protection in the face of higher level instances like financial institutions or alike.

This strong protection is a sign that most probably she will manage to complete her mandate.

This, indeed is not an optimistic start of the career of a Prime Minister, but the analysis is valid and gives us information on what to expect and maybe how to protect ourselves.